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an interesting data grid paper – optimizing replica selection

On Fairness, Optimizing Replica Selection in Data Grids
Husni Hamad E. AL-Mistarihi, Chan Huah Yong

The emergence of scientific applications that produce huge volume of data
files requires special attention, and leads to the problem of how to
manage and share such data files in wide area properly. In large-scale
Grid, data replication provides a suitable solution for managing data
files where data reliability and data availability are enhanced. Replica
selection is one of the major functions of data replication that decides
which replica location is the best for Grid users. In this paper, we
address the replica selection problem in a Grid environment where the
users are competing for the limited data resource. Thus, our aim is to
establish fairness among the users in the selection decisions. Since the
criteria that play a role in the selection process conflict with each
other and produce heterogeneous values, the Analytical Hierarchy Process
is used to solve this optimization problem. The proposed system validity
and performance are evaluated by using a simulation. The simulation
results were produced and discussed in this paper.


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