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Relief for PC Users on the Move

SINTEF (12/24/09)

The final version of a platform for developing the next generation of adaptable software for PCs will be released in 2010.  The European Union’s Music project promises to make it easier to develop software that automatically adapts to changes in battery levels, variations in network efficiency, and other physical factors that cause problems for PC users.  Capacity, network access, and resources are issues that PC users have to contend with when they are at the office, at the airport, or out in the country, says Geir Horn of SINTEF ICT, which is leading the project and its 15 partners.  For a PC user who needs a lot of battery capacity for a long trip on a train, the system would consider the relevant factors and determine what are the key applications to show and store.  “With this project, the software will realize that you have poor network capacity, so it will block downloads of large attachments and ensure that you only see the subjects and senders of emails,” Horn says.  The platform would enable software to adapt on its own to the changing work environment of PC users.  “This means that we will be seeing more smart programs in the future, and perhaps a lot of the frustration experienced by today’s users of portable PCs will be reduced,” Horn says.


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