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GPU-Powered AMBER 11 and High-Def Video Enhancement with vReveal 2.0

GPU-Powered AMBER 11 Accelerates Bio-Science Research
AMBER 11, the latest version of a popular application for biochemists, is now optimized to run on NVIDIA Tesla 20-series GPUs, achieving up to a 100X speedup over CPU-based servers. Dr. Ross Walker, research professor at the San Diego Supercomputer Center, University of California, San Diego, comments: “With GPUs, we can now do most of our work at the desktop and that changes everything.” For info on AMBER 11, see: http://news.nvidia.com:8080/t/137539/14078050/6265/0/ For info on Tesla Bio Workbench, see: http://news.nvidia.com:8080/t/137539/14078050/6266/0/

High-Def Video Enhancement with vReveal 2.0
MotionDSP, an NVIDIA partner and video enhancement technology leader, has released vReveal 2.0, which adds support for current high-def video formats. vReveal is available in a free version (“vReveal”) with an upgrade option to premium (“vReveal Premium”). In both versions, video processing runs up to 5X faster on CUDA GPUs (such as the GeForce GTX 480) vs. CPUs. vReveal makes it easy for users to stabilize, brighten, and sharpen videos with one click and then upload to YouTube and Facebook. Download the free app: http://news.nvidia.com:8080/t/137539/14078050/6267/0/
Link: http://news.nvidia.com:8080/t/137539/14078050/6268/0/


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