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the evening that i was upset and worried

  • about 6 pm, HMS:  d2  is not home yet, HS: did she tell when she will be home? HMS:she didn’t tell what time but promised won’t be late
  • after performing magrib and having a short breakfast, Hs bought something for Hs, Hms, Kk dinner.
  • HS and D2 communicated via sms.
  • 6.39 pm, HS: aww, d2, where r u? why weren’t you at home? how’s ur sholat? d2, pls come home, ok?
  • 6.40 pm, d2: dd in the mosque, Dad. i performed sholat, Dad.
  • after having dinner and Isha sholat, HS washed the dinner utensils,
  • 7.30 pm, HS called d2 asked what she’s doing and asked her go home asap.
  • 8.12, d2: Dad, dd will have a friend ride (ada tebengan koq), she won’t be late either, so don’t worry.
  • 8.13, HS: d2, who’s gonna drive the car? you should maintain as being a good Muslimah, it was not worth having party liked activities, there is so much worth things to do.
  • 8.26, D2: do not worry papa, d2’s friend with her driver, d2 will have a ride till seskoal, then take c01.
  • 8.49, D2: pa i’m on the way home
  • 8.50, HS: may i pick you up somewhere?
  • 9.01, D2: no need to, i am already at cipulir.
  • 9.02, HMS: how come she’s not home yet again. HS: d2 told me that she was at Cipulir already.
  • 9.15, Hs was worried, after 15 minutes d2 has not arrived yet, he frequently looked at outside the house.  But at about few minutes, there was sound of the gate being openned. Hs felt it’s must be D2. alhamdulillah, she is home now.  She said assalamu’alaikum. Hs replied wa’alaikum salam. She rubbed beti (beti = belang tiga – our regular visiting female cat).  Hs touched d2’s head by saying there are lot worth things you can do than this. You should be more serious with your study and not being easily influenced with no-worth-things.

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