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Grid and Cloud Computing in Indonesia : challenges and prospects

Presented at http://icacsis2010.cs.ui.ac.id/

This talk will begin covering types of hungry problems  that need super computing resources.   As sharing resources are needed in the efficient process then  Grid computing technology  will be the appropriate approach to handle this type of problems.  Examples of previous and current works as well as of some challenges that handle the problems will be covered. This includes the development of Parallel Numerical methods for solving large system of Stiff differential Equation on SGi origin 2000 and cluster computing environment;  parallel Molecular dynamics process in drug design based on typical Indonesian plants on Cluster environment; and IndoEdu-grid design for Indonesian e-learning resources based on Grid computing. Prospects in the future  and some proposals to overcome the challenges will be covered and this includes cloud computing.

details of the presentation file is at http://telaga.cs.ui.ac.id/~heru/publications/Talk-icacsis-hs-111910.zip

Note: as the time was not permitted, i did not cover the Parallel ODE solvers.


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