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Software Allows Interactive Tabletop Displays on Web

Purdue University News (11/23/10) Emil Venere

Purdue University researchers have developed Hugin, a system that enables users to work with large visual displays and touchscreens over the Internet.  “We created a software framework that allows more than one display to connect and share the same space over the Internet,” says Purdue professor Niklas Elmqvist.  Hugin was designed for touchscreens to work with any input device, Elmqvist says.  In the future, the system’s collaborative capabilities could help workers in fields such as defense, the stock market, and emergency response.  “In future iterations it might allow integration of mobile devices connected to the tabletop so emergency responders can see on their small device whatever the people in the command center want them to see,” Elmqvist says.  The Hugin framework enables collaboration between workers via time-series charts that shift over time.  The researchers are making Hugin freely available for others to use and modify.  “Other people will be able to use it as a platform to build their own thing on top of,” Elmqvist says.  “They will be able to download and contribute to it, customize it, add new visualizations.”


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