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Software Support Tool Will Allow Doctors to Better Access Neuromuscular Diseases

New Brunswick Business Journal (Canada) (12/20/10) Rebecca Penty

Mount Allison University professor Andrew Hamilton-Wright is developing a software-based decision support system that has the potential to transform the diagnosing of neuromuscular diseases and the monitoring of their progression.  Hamilton-Wright says he is close to completing a prototype of the software, which would support the Cadwell Sierra Wave II platform for evaluating and recording the electrical activity of muscles.  The software tool would make it easier and quicker for clinicians to evaluate quantitative information.  “The interest there is to take an analytic software and eventually diagnostic software and put it on a computer you would attach to that [platform] when the data collection is happening,” Hamilton-Wright says.  “Where we want to go is not just present that raw data, but present the data in the context of how well that data correlates with various disease stages.”  Hamilton-Wright also wants to address the issues of lack of data quantity and quality.  He will work on a function to show clinicians when data is too weak to analyze and whether more data needs to be collected.


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