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Super Computer to Be Used for Agricultural Research

Daily News & Analysis (India) (02/09/11) Arun Jayan

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research is building a national agricultural bioinformatics grid with assistance from the Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC).  The grid is designed to improve agricultural productivity and help address issues such as food security.  “Now scientists have to wait for a production cycle to get over to analyze various issues like quality of seed, produce, and weather pattern,” says C-DAC’s Goldi Misra.  However, high-performance computers could be used for such analysis instead, Misra says.  The first phase of the project will focus on connecting government agencies with high-speed networks.  Agricultural universities and research centers also could be added to the grid to enable researchers to perform complex analytical processes.  The grid will provide computational support for high-quality research in agriculture and biotechnology, says Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute researcher Anil Rai.  “This will lead to the development of superior varieties [of] seeds, the right fertilizers, and will help various other processes to enhance agricultural productivity on sustainable basis,” he says.


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