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Boosting Biology with High Performance Clouds

Asoke K. Talukder, Ph.D

There is a general interest to quantify biology to help growth of economy and affordable healthcare without causing much damage to the environment. This interest is both at the political level and at the scientific levels. From nutritional security to biofuel and beyond, all have roots in quantification of biology, we need to understand the theory behind all biological events that happen around us, whether within a cell due to a pathogen or in the environment due to the toxic industrial waste.

To manage this range of biological event, we need to understand the cause and effect equation of biological events. This is the reason, biology as a whole is embracing technology at an unprecedented rate. The main challenge in quantifying biology is that most of the biology problems are NP-hard; they need supercomputers to solve almost any problem. Therefore, biosciences research was always been the domain of computational elites who has access to large supercomputers.

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