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Five Open Source Technologies for 2012

IDG News Service (12/28/11) Joab Jackson

Five open source projects could become the basis for new businesses and industries in 2012.  Nginx, a Web server program, could become popular due to its ability to easily handle high-volume traffic.  Nginx already is used on highly trafficked Web sites, and the next release, due in 2012, will be more pliable for shared hosting environments.  The OpenStack cloud computing platform has gained support from several technology firms due to its scalability.  “We’re not talking about [using OpenStack to run a] cloud of 100 servers or even 1,000 servers, but tens of thousands of servers,” says OpenStack Project Policy Board’s Jonathan Bryce.  Stig was designed for the unique workloads of social networking sites, according to its developers.  The data store’s architecture allows for inferential searching, enabling users and applications to look for connections between disparate pieces of information.  Linux Mint was designed specifically for users who want a desktop operating system and do not want to learn more about how Linux works.  The Linux Mint project is now the fourth most popular desktop operating system in the world.  GlusterFS is one of the fastest growing storage software systems on the market, as downloads have increased by 300 percent in the last year.


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