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big data may save lives

Using Big Data to Save Lives
UCR Today (10/22/12) Sean Nealon

University of California, Riverside researchers have developed a method for mining data derived from pediatric intensive care units to help doctors treat children and cut health care costs.  “This data has the potential to be a gold mine of useful–literally life saving–information,” says Riverside professor Eamonn Keogh.  He notes that modern pediatric care units are equipped with a variety of sensors that record up to 30 measurements.  The researchers developed a technique that makes it possible to search the sensor datasets, which can contain more than one trillion objects.  The researchers also are exploring ways to capture and store data from five or more sensors, and capture multiple data points per second.  In the next few years, the researchers plan to study archived pediatric intensive care unit data to find common patterns that can help doctors in diagnosing and predicting medical episodes.  The researchers also want to incorporate those patterns into intensive care unit sensors.  However, the difficulty is in finding medically useful patterns because there are an infinite number of trivial patterns.  “We have to find those that aren’t known but are useful and that can benefit from intervention,” Keogh says.


New Open-Source Python Textbook

I got an email from NA Digest and found the following site is very interesting, you may try to take alook at it


The book is aimed at high school students, but college
level students who are new to programming can benefit
from it as well. The book contains elements of computational
math and companion Exercise Book and Review Book
are provided.

installing GTX 560 driver and Cuda on Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04

I just would like to share my small experience, that the following sites are very helpful