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Research to Link Mobile Phones and Health

Murdoch University (12/18/12) Rob Payne

Murdoch University researchers are working with the University of Leuven’s DistriNet Research Group to develop wireless sensor network technologies that monitor people’s health.  “A lot has been done on using sensors to monitor health, but my work is the first that uses mobile phones collaboratively to detect and alert people to physical conditions like heart attacks,” says Murdoch researcher James Meneghello.  “Basically, if a person wearing a sensor has a problem with their heart, I want their phone to detect the anomaly and reach out to phones around it, using them to process the information, then pulling it back to warn the person that they’re about to have a heart attack.”  The researchers say their technology can theoretically tell if diabetic neuropathy is occurring by monitoring variations in heart rate.  Meneghello says the technology, if successful, could not only alleviate physical pain, but also spare a person from traveling very far to regularly see a physician.